Financial Assessments

Business leaders know the importance of an annual health screening.  It is routine for us to visit our physician for an annual check-up.   Likewise, your business needs an annual financial health screening.  Scott has designed such a tool and will customize it to your industry.

Ask us about our free initial consultation to examine the financial health of your business.

HR Assessments

happy_teampdp_worksProfessional Dynametric Programs (PDP) are assessment surveys that help your organization bring out the best in your people at all levels, from entry positions to the executive team.  We document for you the preferred and back-up mode of communication for each individual interviewed, as well as his or her natural leadership style.  You will receive critical insights into yourself and your team regarding what motivates and engages each other.

TKI_CMTKI Conflict Mode Survey is a tool we use to assess an individual’s approach to handling conflict.  There are five modes which we survey:  avoiding, accommodating, compromising, competing and collaborating.  This assessment tool, along with the training we will provide, will assist you and your team in working through conflict with greater flexibility and effectiveness.